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Happy July!

I hope your 4th was great (for those in the USA) - although the rest of you have a 4th of July too. Just fewer fireworks. :)

Hello Rev. {FULLNAME} !

What the heck happened to June? It seems to have flown by. I can't believe it's July already. It's weird how time can be like that sometimes.

I have been a busy little beaver this last month. I have recorded a whole slew of new videos for a bunch of different sections on the site. More videos are on the way. I have also re-made many of the pages on the site and am working on doing many more. The sidebar is easier to follow, there are more pictures, and videos head up many of the main pages. I've included videos on weddings, funerals, kind words, absolution of sins, and one that covers the split in the churches. Kevin Andrews, Andre Hensley and I have gotten a multitude of complaints from ministers who have been called and harrassed by a certain 'person' in Florida. Among his many offensive claims is the one where he says that his church is the only one who can give 'legal faith-based ordinations'. That's the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard. And I hope that none of you allow yourselves to be manipulated. He's very good at it, but that doesn't change the color of his spots. - this is the link in case it doesn't embed.
There's a press release about it here:

Please join us on Twitter and FB. If you don't want to deal with checking Twitter regularly, check the front page of the site periodically and you'll see a Twitter feed there that updates with the latest all the time.
Gold Wedding StolesSALE FOR JULY - We have more new stoles! I made a mistake in last month's message when I said that the embroidery on the colored ones didn't have specific meaning. So I found some that are gold. Plain gold. Very pretty. And you can order a patch or two to put at the end of it, if you like.
You can find them here:

LINK REQUEST - The one part of this job that is a bit of a pain the butt, but is unfortunately, necessary, is the need to get backlinks. By that, I mean links that go from other people's site to the Seminary. Because the monastery took the site from its original owner, people often left the old link, or added the link to their newer site, even though they are no longer affiliated with the original ULC in Modesto, where most of you all were first ordained. The monastery has since bought about 250 domain names and have the money and manpower to put sites on a lot of them, so they keep on top of the search engines.

With the Seminary, it's all me when it comes to any web content, marketing, etc. This means that instead of working on new programs and keeping up with mailings, I have to spend my time trying to figure out how internet search engine stuff works, along with everything else. So this is a request. If you have a website or blog, would you please put Universal Life Church with our link of, somewhere on your site? If you write the word and highlight it, then click the button that shows a chain (or a figure 8 on its side), that's how to create a link (for those who don't know). It would be greatly appreciated. If I could get caught up on links, I could spend more time putting together more material for the site. I really appreciate it.

LATEST LESSONS - I'm not sure I've been learning anything this month. lol. Nah, not true, but it seems like the entire month flew by. I worked on videos and dealt with other people's stress. I have met some new people this month and have been sad to see a good friend move. I guess I'm working on comings and goings. And patience. It seems I'm always learning about patience. Usually, it's about having the patience to let people make mistakes, knowing fully-well that I could help them, but knowing just as well that my advice will go unheeded. Makes me sad.
But, as I have been explaining to my daughter, sometimes the offer of help is all the person needs. Knowing that there are choices and knowing that someone will help if asked, can be enough. Maybe the person will simmer on that information for a year or two before acting on it, or maybe that person will merely store the information in a secret place in their heart -- the idea that someone cares. Who knows? But even if it's a bit painful to watch someone you care about make poor decisions, there's often nothing to be done about it. To be blunt about it: "You can't fix stupid." People have to fix that on their own.

ARTICLE DIRECTORY - Since I continue to get flooded with low-quality spammy articles, it is taking me forever to wade through them. This doesn't mean I don't want yours though. So please, if and when you sign up, please send me a personal email to let me know ( and tell me what your screen name is. I have a wonderful new volunteer, Rev. Patricia Ashford, who has offered to help out' She and I will look for your screen name, then set your account to publish automatically, so your articles get posted right away. If you have sent any to me in the last month, please let me know so I can find them and get them approved. I have thousands sitting there and it's just a pain to try and filter through the stupid ring-tone articles and mortgage loan ones. And they tag it as 'spiritual' or 'general' or something.

SPAM - INCLUDE A SUBJECT LINE PLEASE - If you want a response to your email, include a descriptive line. Anything with no subject is automatically deleted. Anything with 'hello' or 'hi amy' is also usually deleted. 98% of those are spam, so I apologize if yours was one that wasn't.

As a PS: The kind words is something I really enjoy sending and I love all of your positive responses. Even if I don't email back, know that it made me smile. Also, since several people have asked, yes I do write each and every one of them myself.

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