Thursday, September 2, 2010

Universal Life Church

A Fundraiser from one of our minister's church

Safe Haven of Change Ministry's


Fundraiser Rally

"Why Can't We Be Friends"

Safe Haven of Change is putting on a rally/fundraiser to support our program: "Why Can't We Be Friends." This is a program for youths, teens, and young adults that are having problems with domestic, social violence in the community, society and neighborhood. The ongoing violent death, murders and brutal violence among each other needs to stop. You are killing future mentor, leaders and business successors of the present and future. "Why"? A pair of customs glasses, coats, shoes, and drugs is just plain stupid. You young people have a better choice to live, instead of dying so young, without meaning or purpose. I can think or know a thousand different things to do or be instead of "Dead"!
You have places to go, careers to better your life and standards. You have to try or you may be next.  We are not going to tell you, what to do, but what can be done to make us better. Join Us!
In addition: Safe Haven of Change Ministry is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that will be sponsoring a program "Why Can't We be Friends" for domestic and social violence youth, teens and young adults. On September 25, 2010 12noon-4pm @ 4438 Rosa Parks Blvd Detroit off W. Canfield in the field. Also Safe Haven of Change Ministry's will be sponsoring a program for young adults, and adults that want to start their own enterprise or business. We know sometimes working with or for someone else can be stressful and painful, so "Why not do you." You are the boss or your own boss. People with good ideas, courage and belief in self, do it everyday. You should feel confident in yourself and ideas. Let's go for it. Stand up young adults of the future. Time is passing, are you? Join us!
"Our Goal is to raise $10,000 or more, to buy uniforms and school supply for the first 200 hundred children and young adults with parent or guardian. Remember! "In order for the Fruit to be ripe and successful, the "Tree" must produce, good and ripe Fruit also. Safe Haven of Change will be grateful for all contributions, donations, and charity funds will be deeply appreciated. Thank you
Safe Haven of Change Ministry
Detroit Young Adult
Entrepreneurship Program
(Time, 12noon – 4pm, Date September 25,2010 and Place 4438 Rosa Parks Blvd Detroit MI off W. Canfield)      
*I can't guarantee the particulars, but if you're in the area, plan to stop by. --Amy
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