Monday, May 24, 2010

Universal Life Church

KIND WORDS - As many of you know, there's a new function on the site called 'Kind Words'. So far, it has been a really big hit. People go through their lives on a daily basis without hearing anything nice. This is a great way to change that. Periodically, you'll get an email that tells you something warm, kind and uplifting about yourself. It's a free service and I hope you all sign up.


It's available at


MORE WEDDINGS, FUNERALS, AND RITES on Email - This is something that people have been asking me for ever since the book came out (and a few BEFORE the book came out.) This amazing book is available as an email -- sent to you in a Word document so you can manipulate the ceremonies and customize them for your own events. There are new ceremonies of a wide variety. If you are a minister serious about being prepared, this is a must-have item.


NEW NAVIGATION - If you haven't dropped by the site in the last couple of weeks, be sure to check our new navigation bar. I spent a lot of time on it getting all the pages on the site listed in a comprehensive way. One of the suggestions you ministers have said to me was that it would be good if I could create an easier navigation. The sidebars helped, but I think the new drop-down menus will clarify things. I think it'll make it a lot easier for people to find what's on the site. Let me know what you think. Perhaps you'll find areas on the site that you didn't know existed!


NEW COURSE - This is a unique course in that the first installment of 6 is free. Dr. Louis Hook has put it together and because of his reputation, we have agreed to offer it here for you in this unusual format. The course is called: The Foundations of Traditionalist Theology One. There are six installments and you can order them one at a time. The first free section is available at OMEGA DAWN.


The degree will be a Master of Traditionalism.

The rest of the course can be ordered at:


ONLINE RADIO PROGRAM - Recently, I was honored to be invited to be on the Mona Magick show. She interviewed me for an hour about the ULC Seminary. For those that missed it, you can download it and listen to it here:

Under information & organizations:


FREE TOOLBAR - One of the other really cool new things we're doing is that we created a free downloadable toolbar. It's similar to one you may already have by Google or Yahoo, but this has the added bonus of having all the pages of the site presented in a simple-to-use format. People have said it's hard to find things on the site sometimes, because of its size, so I've simplified things on this new toolbar. I also have a section for 'new stuff'. Things will be posted there before they are announced, so if you get the toolbar, you'll always be in the know. Click here to get a look at what it is and, if you like it, download it quickly and for free:


TWITTER/FACEBOOK/MYSPACE - Just a reminder that we are now on all of these social networking sites. I'm still getting the hang of it. For those that aren't on Twitter, but want up to the minute info (such as there is), the Twitter box is on the front page of the site and it updates automatically.


Previously Mentioned:


CHAPLAINCY PROGRAM - Go to to sign up. For those of you who have been taking courses through the seminary, those courses may also go towards your Chaplaincy program. Six courses are required and two are elective. Check it out and sign up. It's free to sign up and you'll get some mailings along the way. The program is going well. There may end up being one more requirement for the course, but it's one that everyone will want to take. It's a course on pastoral counseling.


CHAPLAINCY COURSE - On a related note, we have the new Chaplaincy Course available. It's called the Master of Chaplaincy Studies. It's a core required course for the Chaplaincy Program.


This program will teach you what it means to be a chaplain, the history and expectations.


MASTER OF THE HISTORICAL JESUS- I mentioned this last month, but I wanted to make it known again. We also have a new course called the 'Master of The Historical Jesus.' There's a sample link listed on the Seminary Program page.


Thanks for everything!


Rev. Amy Long
Program Director


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