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Universal Life Church - July 2008
Happy Summer! As always, things are moving and grooving with the Seminary and with me as well. For those of you who remember, about 9 months ago, I shared that I was going through a divorce. I received a lot of wonderful emails from people who'd been through it and had come out on the other side. Those emails were the boost I needed to help me keep perspective and move forward in a positive way. For all of you who sent the emails and who also sent their well-wishes in other ways, I'm deeply grateful. My divorce was final this month and I feel like that chapter in my life is closed. For those of you who told me that true love is out there, you're right. I've met someone wonderful and I'm unbelievably happy.
Who's Who Book
One of the good things about this newfound happiness is that I've been productive. :) The ULC Who's Who book is at the printers and will be in the mail, to those of you who ordered it, by the end of July. I ordered a preview copy of the book and found a number of errors, so I made some revisions and am waiting on another preview copy. This one looks incredible. :)
Weddings, Funerals and Rites Sequel
Now that this book is done, I'll be putting my focus back on the sequel for Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage. I have over 350 pages done thus far and am working on the rest. I am still taking submissions, but I'm being very particular about what I'm accepting. For wedding ceremonies, the only kind I'm accepting are unusual ceremony parts like: Dove and Butterfly releases, jumping the broom, recognizing parents who have died, sand ceremonies, etc. I already have plenty of vows, promises, etc.
I'd also like to clarify that when I get a ceremony from someone, I break it down into parts. With some ceremonies, I use all the parts and with some, I only use the more unusual parts, so please don't be offended if I don't use the whole thing in exactly the way you present it.
I'm also still looking for the following: Funeral Ceremonies, Adult Baptisms, Pet Funerals, Coming of Age, House Blessings, etc. I'm including some divorce ceremonies as well and would love one (or more) for people who wish to symbolically separate, but are not doing it with their ex. Either because they are angry and hurt or because their ex isn't interested, but they would still like to symbolically end the marriage.
Those whose ceremonies are included, will receive a complimentary copy of the book with my thanks. All author's names are included both at the bottom of each ceremony part as well as in a list in the back of the book. If you have a ceremony, send it to Please send it in the email or as a Word attachment. Also include your full name and snail mail address.
The most recent course that we have been offering is the Master of Christian History. More on the course can be found at Christian History Info.
The Buddhism course will be ready very shortly. I know I've been promising it, but it has been very difficult to get it done for some reason. I also have a course on Spirituality and Metaphysics that will be offered soon as well. Some things have been on hold until I got the Who's Who book done. It's done now, so I'll be adding new courses and updating a lot of stuff on the website.
The blog where the course essays are listed is:
New Products
I'd like suggestions, if you have any, for new products you'd like to see in the church store. Is there anything on Tshirts that you'd like to see? We're still working on the robes and stoles, trying to get them back. We had to discontinue them because they took 6-8 weeks to arrive and that made for a lot of unhappy customers and a lot of emails to me.
Rev. Amy Long
Program Director, 

The Universal Life Church is a comprehensive and affordable online seminary where we have classes in Christianity, a beginning course on  Wicca, as well as a beginning course on  Paganism, two courses in Metaphysics and much more.

Ordination with the Universal Life Church, is a free and lifetime ordination, so use the Free Online Ordination, button. We also make available many free wedding ceremonies for your use, as well as funeral ceremonies and other types of ceremonies.

The  ULC, run by Rev. Long, has created a chaplaincy program where you can earn the coveted title of Chaplain. We also have a huge selection of Universal Life Church materials to help you with your professionalism and confidence.  I've been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it's Seminary since the beginning and an amazed by the frequent upgrades and new functions of the seminary.
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