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Universal Life Church

Hello! We have some updates for August. First of all, the mailing program is now working, but I'm still in the process of re-installing all of the regular mailings. So, if you're still getting blank mailings, bear with me. They take awhile to re-install. I've also updated all of the other newsletters to include more information, so that has taken a little while too. It's getting there though!

More Weddings, Funerals and Rites - I know I said that I was going to discontinue the sale on this book, but I also want to be sure that everyone who wants to get it has had a chance to order it at the discounted price. I have posted a survey here:

It only accepts 100 responses, so if we're over the amount and you want to say yes, email me. (We're over already)

NEW SEARCH FUNCTION: We have a web new search function button on the website. It's through a new search group called 'LeapFish'. The cool thing about it is that when you search through it, you can look at Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. It also automatically shows images, videos from youtube and a lot more. It's one-stop shopping, which is really convenient. Go to the website and try it out. It's on the front page at the top of the gray sidebar.

CHAPLAINCY COURSE - I've just had submitted to me a new chaplaincy course. It would be the first course of a full program for people who wish to be chaplains. The Chaplaincy program will consist of this new course, along with several other required courses, including the Comparative Religion and the Spirit Quest. We haven't set the entire program yet, but when we do, we'll let you all know. We are also getting ready to offer the option of another Christian-oriented chaplaincy course created by Rev. Louis C. Hook. We don't have all the particulars, but his is a college-level course, so we'll keep you posted.


NEW PROJECT - I'm still kicking around ideas for the new Seminary Handbook. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I plan on having one sample of several types of ceremonies, training info from the site, a catalog and a lot more. Oh, I will also be making available the new Weddings, Funerals and Rites book available on disc very shortly. The autoresponder crash has put me way behind.

TWITTER - I signed up the Seminary for Twitter, but I'll be honest -- I don't get it. I don't get what I'm supposed to do or why. lol. I'm working on getting a Facebook going for the Seminary too, but the way things are going these days, it's just too hard to keep up on everything! I get invites all the time for myyearbook and tagged and a bunch of other things like that. Maybe some day. :) If there's anyone who knows about those and want to help keep up a page for the Seminary, I'd greatly appreciate it.

HQ DEGREE CARDS - Many of you have been ministers with the ULC for years and years and have received degrees from ULC Headquarters. One of our ministers had asked for a Dr. of Metaphysics card from us, even though he earned the degree from headquarters. I didn't feel right about that, so I asked the cardmaker if he could duplicate the degrees from headquarters onto a card. He has done a beautiful job. We have gotten a lot of the new degree cards posted. So far, we have quite a few done, which look stunning. This way, you can have a pocket credential to show people or just to have for yourself. Before we will send it, we do need to have some proof that you earned the degree from headquarters that you are wanting. Please follow up your request with a picture in an email.

HQ Degree Cards

(You'll notice too that we changed the path name to the store, so now it just says 'store' instead of all those other things. Much easier to fine.)

Our cardmaker also did a great job of duplicating the ordination credential onto a card as well. It's another option for getting an ID card showing your credentials of ministry.

Ordination Credential Cards

We are also offering our Seminary Membership Certificates at a big discount right now. We want you to be able to display your affiiliation proudly, so we have discounted the certificates to $10.

Seminary Membership Certificates

Wedding Workbooks by the Box - I am pleased to say that there are a lot of you who are finding value in giving a copy of The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook for the 'Planning-Impaired' to your brides and grooms. Many of you have been using the Business Builder Package to order more for less. We are now making that even easier. It's a larger up-front cost, but you are saving more money on every book. If you buy the books by the case, you can get the books for a mere $9 each, which is more than 50% off the cover price.

Essays from the various programs are at:



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