Monday, May 24, 2010

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We have some great news for September.

CHAPLAINCY PROGRAM - The Chaplaincy course is now available! Go to to sign up. For those of you who have been taking courses through the seminary, those courses may also go towards your Chaplaincy program. Six courses are required and two are elective. Check it out and sign up. It's free to sign up and you'll get some mailings along the way.

CHAPLAINCY COURSE - On a related note, we have a new Chaplaincy Course available. It's called the Master of Chaplaincy Studies. It's a core required course for the Chaplaincy Program.

This program will teach you what it means to be a chaplain, the history and expectations.


MASTER OF THE HISTORICAL JESUS- This is a banner month for new things at the Seminary because we also have a new course called the 'Master of The Historical Jesus.' I'm in the process of getting it posted on the seminary program page, along with a sample, so please check it out.


More Weddings, Funerals and Rites - I know I said that I was going to discontinue the sale on this book, but I also want to be sure that everyone who wants to get it has had a chance to order it at the discounted price. The survey was overwhelmingly one-sided. People want to save for the book and want me to continue offering it at the sale price for a bit longer. Your wish is my command. :)


NEW SEARCH FUNCTION: Last month, I talked about the new Leapfish search function on the site. I wanted to mention it again because I'd like to ask all of you a favor. Aside from the fact that it's a really neat search thingy, providing images, videos and more all in one spot (it's linked directly with Google and Youtube), the seminary gets a nickel for every unique user that uses the function through the seminary site. If everyone on the list did a search, it would be a big help. It doesn't cost you anything and you get to try out a really interesting search engine -- plus it really helps the seminary. Have everyone you know try it. People have asked how they can be of service to the Seminary -- spending a few minutes doing a search from the site would be a great help.


ULC HANDBOOK - I've gotten some great ideas from people for the new handbook. Keep 'em coming. I'm working on getting it completed. I might get it done this year -- it just depends on how much time I can devote to it.


ULC ANNOUNCEMENT ARCHIVES- I have updated the Archives for the announcements that have been sent out. I have newsletters, which are sent at various times and I have the announcements, which are sent all at once. The announcements have more timely information and are sent about once a month. To see previous announcements, go here:


MONASTERY NONSENSE - I've been informed recently that the monastery (the alleged ulc site that we have nothing to do with), has been sending out emails telling people that I'm personally involved in some sort of criminal conspiracy against them with Daniel Zimmerman (the former owner of the site). If this isn't funny enough, Daniel has been telling people that I'm in a criminal conspiracy against him with George Freeman (the one currently running the site.) So, I guess I'm some sort of double agent in conspiracy with both to do...something, I guess. If so, I'm not very good at it because they have both 'found me out' and I don't seem to have benefitted in any way whatsoever. I thought I'd share because it was too weird not to.


HQ DEGREE CARDS - Many of you have been ministers with the ULC for years and years and have received degrees from ULC Headquarters. One of our ministers had asked for a Dr. of Metaphysics card from us, even though he earned the degree from headquarters. I didn't feel right about that, so I asked the cardmaker if he could duplicate the degrees from headquarters onto a card. He has done a beautiful job. We have gotten a lot of the new degree cards posted. So far, we have quite a few done, which look stunning. This way, you can have a pocket credential to show people or just to have for yourself. Before we will send it, we do need to have some proof that you earned the degree from headquarters that you are wanting. Please follow up your request with a picture in an email.


(You'll notice too that we changed the path name to the store, so now it just says 'store' instead of all those other things. Much easier to fine.)


Our cardmaker also did a great job of duplicating the ordination credential onto a card as well. It's another option for getting an ID card showing your credentials of ministry. If you get one, be sure to make note of your original date of ordination or the current date will be put on it.


We are also offering our Seminary Membership Certificates at a big discount right now. We want you to be able to display your affiiliation proudly, so we have discounted the certificates to $10.


Wedding Workbooks by the Box - I am pleased to say that there are a lot of you who are finding value in giving a copy of The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook for the 'Planning-Impaired' to your brides and grooms. Many of you have been using the Business Builder Package to order more for less. We are now making that even easier. It's a larger up-front cost, but you are saving more money on every book. If you buy the books by the case, you can get the books for a mere $9 each, which is more than 50% off the cover price.


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