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ULC Seminary Announcements - May 2010
Happy Mother's Day!


Spring has Sprung and the Grass has Riz - May is always so beautiful. Warm enough to wear shorts, but not so hot that we long for air-conditioning. If it weren't for allergies, it would be absolutely perfect.

NEW COURSE - The Master of Astral Projection and the Dr. of Christian Ethics are both underway. Both can be ordered through the church store.

Master of Astral Projection:

Dr. of Christian Ethics:

CURRENT GROWTH - The last month for me has been about computers. I'm not sure if a constantly breaking computer counts as a growth period, but it has been a struggle for sure. I now have a reliable laptop from one of our ministers, Gene Hughes (, who has set me up! This should reduce the drama for awhile.

I think part of my growth this month is about the concept of setting boundaries and knowing when the right time is to draw a line in the sand. This can be difficult for a lot of us. If you have a friend or loved one who is terrific in many ways, but not so good in others, the challenge is to determine which ones weight more importantly. Maybe someone is kind and loving, but not good with money and spends recklessly or doesn't bring much into the household. Or a friend who you've known forever -- Does your history with that person outweigh some truly inconsiderate and selfish behavior? Where do we draw the lines? At what point do we decide that the cons are more important than the pros? Tough decision. It changes with every situation. Even when you draw the line, it can be hard to let go.

TESIMONIALS - I'd like to add more video to the website. I have a camera and I'm going to get started adding video sections with blurbs and such to talk about different things. What I would love is to have you all do the same thing, if you would. If you have access to a videocamera of any sort, videotape yourself talking briefly about weddings you've done, any of the books or products that you've used, classes you've taken, the church you started, etc. I'd love to get a montage of these and put them throughout the site. A short .mwv file would be great. Something I can play on windows. I'll edit them together into a few clips to post. Cool, huh? It would also be great to put a face/voice with so many of your names.

MAILING PROGRAM - I have been moving my mailings to a new program to head off some of the problems we've been having. For those of you who got the kinds words sent multiple times, I do apologize. If you unsubscribed because of it and want to sign up again, you can at One of the new things I have going on with the mailings is that on the forms, you can sign up for everything at once. I'm still making adjustments, but when you sign up for one, you should see the options for adding yourself to all the mailings that interest you. Some people have already taken advantage of it. I think it'll streamline things. I've also been getting some wonderful assistance from my beau, Ron, who has been adding a ton of new sermons and Sunday School lessons to the cue. If you sign up for those, you'll be getting them weekly for a year, at least, without interruption.

CANADA - Unfortunately, the drive to get Canada approved was abruptly halted when I found that I have to have the cooperation of the 'head of the denomination', which is Andre Hensley. So, I'm at his mercy right now. Sorry about that. I'll keep doing what I can though. The other thing I'm reading is that even if they accept all the paperwork, it'll still take 2 years for them to approve a new denomination.

CONTEST - I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to vote for me in the book contest I'm in. Round one has ended and I do believe I'm heading off to round two. If you didn't get a chance to vote the first time around, please check in for round two and place your vote for me. I'd greatly appreciate it. I believe I'll be posting the book outline and a sample chapter or two for this round.

ROBES AND STOLES - I did an oops on the newsletter that just went out. I had re-done my newsletters and inadvertently left in a line about robes and stoles being added to the store. They aren't. Our distributor went out of business, but I do have a line on a new one just recently. I have an email out to them about terms and if it is favorable, I'll be putting robes and stoles back in the store. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Thanks for everything!

Rev. Amy Long
Program Director

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